102-0236_IMG.JPG (593070 bytes) Start of the women's Mountain bike race
102-0237_IMG.JPG (732326 bytes) Swiss rider Barbara Blatter (currently world no 1) in the finishers area after winning a silver medal
102-0240_IMG.JPG (686277 bytes) Medal ceremony at the Mountainbike race (the whole course was packed with Swiss). The good thing about the Swiss not winning was, that the awfully uninspired Swiss national anthem wasn't played.
102-0243_IMG.JPG (895078 bytes) Men's 1,500 heats at the Olympic Stadium
102-0244_IMG.JPG (868904 bytes) Competition in full swing at the Olympic Stadium
102-0248_IMG.JPG (523833 bytes) Crowds in front of the stadium (sorry for the bad weather, but Sydney has only 320 sunny days and not 365)
102-0254_IMG.JPG (804014 bytes) Two minutes to go until the start of the men's Olympic Marathon
102-0258_IMG.JPG (419839 bytes) Helicopter ballet over the course along the men's marathon. In total there were nine (9!) helicopters following the runners.
102-0259_IMG.JPG (587847 bytes) Crowds at the Domain, one of the many sites of closing ceremonies all over the city. By the way, the skyscraper to the very left (top is cut off) is where I work.