100-0080_IMG.JPG (388749 bytes) View through front door (These pictures were taken in the afternoon, as the sun shines in too strongly until noon)
102-0250_IMG.JPG (586719 bytes) View from dining table (Manly Beach and the Pacific Ocean)
100-0070_IMG.JPG (468595 bytes) View direction north (to the left from my apartment)
100-0071_IMG.JPG (641163 bytes) View towards the harbour (to the right from my apartment)
100-0072_IMG.JPG (438541 bytes) Dining table
100-0073_IMG.JPG (452746 bytes) Sofa
100-0074_IMG.JPG (461142 bytes) Work area
100-0075_IMG.JPG (420473 bytes) Kitchen (blue floor and seat covering is now installed)
100-0077_IMG.JPG (477142 bytes) Dreamland (the surf can be heard even up here)
106-0611_IMG.JPG (452055 bytes) Just one of those many spetacular sunrises as seen from my breakfast table.
102-0264_IMG.JPG (583584 bytes) My apartment block (the tall blue one in the middle) as seen from the Harbour side. I live on the top floor, overlooking the Pacific.
102-0266_IMG.JPG (597689 bytes) My apartment viewed from Shelly Head (Pacific/Manly Beach side). To this side go my windows.
102-0296_IMG.JPG (637457 bytes) The Corso, Manly's main esplanade (1 minute walk from where I live)